20 questions for...
February 27, 2006
When did you start training?
I started training in 2003.  I didnít start to seriously train until 2005.

Why did you start fighting?
I wrestled in college and was at an mma show with my girlfriend who I had just started dating.  I said, "I could do that", to impress my girlfriend.  It sounded like a good idea at the time.  A week later I started to train.  I sucked real bad but Ron Faircloth, Pat OíMalley and Dave Strasser took me under their wings.  They made me want to learn more and want to stick with it even though I was awful. 

What is your favourite technique?
I like to use unorthodox striking to pick apart my opponent. 

Do you have any heroes?
I have tons.  I really like the way Jason Miller fights.  He is having fun when he is out there and that makes him fun to watch.  The picture of him from the St. Pierre fight where his head is covered in blood and he has a shit eating grin speaks volumes about him.  Another guy I really look up to is Sean Sherk.  He trains so hard in the room and when loses he doesnít make excuses.  Instead he learns from it and trains harder and smarter.  I really respect guys that can push themselves to leave everything they have in the gym.  There is a reason guys like Sherk and Frankin are where they are and they deserve every bit of it. 

What are your hobbies?
I go to law school and train.  That pretty much cuts out any time for hobbies.  The only other thing I do is play Madden for PS2.  My girlfriend buys me the new one every year and I really enjoy playing it.  I officially challenge Yves Edwards to a game of Madden.  From what I hear he is really good but I think I can take him. 

Whatís your favourite movie?
Either the
Big Lebowski or ZoolanderNight at the Roxbury is way up there too.  They crack my shit up. 

What CD is in your vehicle right now?
I listen to my ipod.  I shuffle between Coldplay and Radiohead.  I get enough Pantera, etc. at the gym and in the car I just like to unwind.  If I am feeling a little rowdy Iíll listen to that Billy Talent song from Mayhemís highlight video.  That song gets me going.  I start cutting people off and randomly honking my horn.

Do you have a college degree?
I have a double major in philosophy and economics from the University of Wisconsin Ė Madison.  Currently I am working on my JD at the University of Minnesotaís School of Law.

Whatís your marital status?
I have been dating the same girl for three years and am hoping to take her off the market in the near future.

What was your job before fighting?
I wrestled at the University of Wisconsin.  Iím aware that this isnít really a job but it is what I did before fighting.

What is your training programme?
I am in the gym 2-4 hours a day everyday.  What I do depends on who and what I am training for.  I am lucky to have great training partners.  I train with Sherk who is about as great an mma wrestler as you are going to find.  Nat McIntyre is a US muay-thai champion of some kind.  I donít really know what titles he holds but I know he is 135 lbs and kicks me in the head a lot.  He tells me this is helping with my stand-up.  I also have Ishmael Bentley and Tom Smits helping me with my jitz.  My head trainer Greg Nelson uses these guys to piece meal together whatever I need for my next fight.  Between them, they could get me ready to fight Moses himself.   

Whatís the lightest and heaviest weight youíve ever fought at?
I fight at 170 lbs now.  A couple of years ago I fought at 225.  I had taken some time off.  That and McDonaldís egg nog shake was in season.  I heart those things like they are made of crack.

Where are you training?
Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and I originally trained at Dave Strasserís Freestyle Academy.

Who are you training with?
My main training partner is Sean Sherk.  I work my stand-up with Nat McIntyre, my ground game with Ishmael Bentley and Tom Smitts and Greg Nelson is the think tank behind my training.  I still train with Strasser, Faircloth and Agallar whenever I can.  I also have a couple of up and comers I am excited about.  Remember the names Nate Homme, and Kyle Malta.  They both have the potential to be great fighters.  Lastly, I have a number of gym rats who come up and beat me up on a regular basis.  These guys include Chris Lynn, my boy Dillon, Andy Grahn, et. al.  The et. al. means that anyone who I forgot to name canít be upset with me because it includes them.

If you had compete control to fight anyone/anywhere you choose, what would your 3-fight plan look like right now?
2 cans and then Hughes for the title.  What do you think the chances of that are?  I would love to fight Mayhem because I love the way he fights and I am excited to fight Karo for the same reason.  I would also like to fight one of my professors.  He is a dick.  I am not sure the UFC can make this happen but if anyone can do it it's Joe Silva.

What titles have you held?
Won the 2005 FFC 170 lb tournament and the FFC 2004 185 lb tournament.  I am the USKBA Super-Light heavyweight (whatever the hell that means) champion and the XKK 185 lb champion.  I think thatís about it.  I love belts though so if any promoters need me to wear theirs hit me up.

If you were to pick just one fight for people to see of yours, which would it be?
Josh Neer.  Neer is so tough and made that fight so much fun.  I was
able to implement an exciting and effective game plan against Josh and every
time I hit him he would answer right back.  I hit him with the hardest punch I
have ever landed and he just blinked at me kind of funny and then came back
at me.

Which fight do you most wish you had done something differently?
I donít know that I could have done anything different but I fought Okami in Japan.  I took him down and suffered an injury.  I had to tapout a minute into the fight after taking Okami down with ease.  Pride scouts were there and it was so disappointing.

Where do you want to be at in 5 years?
I could be happily retired if I leave everything in the ring.  I donít really have a plan.  My manager tells me to go fight and I go fight.  I am going to fight as long as its fun and as long as I feel I can give everything I have.

How can you be contacted to fight?
You can contact my manger, Pat OíMalley, at
throwdownfightsports@gmail.com. If you just want to ask me a question or tell me that I suck I will have a homepage in a month or so and for now, can be contacted on myspace.